Understanding the common causes of back pain

Before we start, our chiropractors look to understand the causes of your back pain.

01 Incorrect posture

Poor posture whilst sitting at a computer for long hours is one of the most common causes of back pain.

02 Trauma from vehicle accidents

If you are experiencing upper, middle, or lower back pain following a vehicle accident, our Chiropractors can help treat this with non-invasive adjustments.

03 Sustained a sports injury

Sporting injuries are a common cause of back pain. Our trained Chiropractors will assess your issue and put together a treatment plan to correct back pain from your sporting injury.

How Chiropractic care can help with your back pain

We work with you to understand the cause of your back pain, and put together a treatment plan.


Treating the root cause of your back pain

The most common reason that people start chiropractic care is that they are experiencing back pain.

When you have back pain it can affect every part of your life. It is one of the leading causes of time off work, it often makes it harder for you to sleep and exercise and makes it tougher to be the person you want to be.

If you have back pain, you’re likely to be feeling stiff, achy, or tension in your back. It could be caused by simply bending down in the wrong direction, lifting something heavy, an accident, or a sporting injury.

At Cape Chiropractic, our approach is to first find out what is causing your pain. We will then develop a plan to get you back on track using a combination of hands-on approaches and exercises.

Chat with our Busselton chiropractors about your back pain and how they can help get you back to your best self.


Here are our answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about chiropractic care for back pain.