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I have been practicing chiropractic in Victoria and the Northern Territory since 2019.


About Dr Katrina Chiropractor

Chiropractic has been hugely instrumental in shaping my life positively and I am deeply grateful to the profession for all I have received and all I have been able to give with it. Balancing the final year of chiropractic school with the arrival of my baby sparked my passion for guiding families toward wellness amid life's demands.

My focus on the mind-body connection through the Nervous System drives my practice. My philosophy is to make the healthiest choices with the knowledge available, and my goal is to establish trust and confidence in your own body.

I'm committed to supporting individuals and families in their quest for physical and mental well-being. I'm excited to meet you and share my expertise in helping you achieve optimal health and vitality.

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For new patients, please use the book online portal via the link below. For existing clients, please contact Katrina via phone or email.